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199happyBleh05.03.2004 ~ 07:08
I spent about 13 hours straight working on my web design final project yesterday, which brings my grand total for the project up to something like 40 hours or so. And that's only programming. I didn't even have to do graphics or anything. That's sitting in front of my screen and typing php code. It's not nearly as big as Meridian, or even Dragon Knight, but it's still a lot of work. If it were just some crappy little personal site, I wouldn't have cared. But no... this was for an actual "client" (can you use that term when it's pro bono?), so it had to be done well.

Then I stayed up all night googlewhacking (see today's href, or my forums thread). Four hours of that, and only six successful whacks. It's bleeding addictive, though. Or at least for me it is. I've always liked the English language, and words in general, so it's sort of interesting. You get the weirdest possible word combinations you can think of, only to find that there's a hundred or so people who already thought them up and put them up on a webpage somewhere. Go figure. I suppose it rather proves the point that there's nothing new under the sun.

On Saturday I went to a little pizza place and watched a pretty cool local punk/rock band called Allthingslost. They remind me of FATA. Pretty good. Got a t-shirt and a demo cd, and I think I'll post the songs up here so y'all can listen to them. They were encouraging us to burn copies of the CD and give it to friends, and hosting it online is pretty much the same thing, right? So yeah, whenever I get around to it, I'll put them online somewhere, if anyone's interested. Sound quality kinda sucks, cuz they recorded the demo themselves in their basement or something, but the songs are still decent. Lots of screaming. Hehe.

Also, I posted this on the forums and on the game itself, but I just want to say thank you to everyone who voted for Dragon Knight on the PHP Resource Index. It's currently got a score of 9.56 out of 10, and is the highest rated script in the entire games category, even going so far as to beat some of the well-established big name scripts like BlackNova and Promisance. So thanks, everyone. You make me feel special.

Anyways, I need a smoke. So I'm gone. This should be 199, so my next post will be a milestone. happy
song: allthingslost - good intentions
href: googlewhack!
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200very happyFlurry for Windows05.04.2004 ~ 11:33
teh r0xx0r. Someone finally got around to releasing Flurry for Windows. Flurry is the default screensaver on a Mac, if any of you have ever seen it, it's just gorgeous. And for a long time, it was Mac-only, even though technically it based on a code from an originally Windows program. So now some people finally ported it. This makes me happy like a fox.

Two versions are available from two different authors. The first one, located here, looks good, but it isn't quite an exact replica. It seems like the author watched the real Flurry screensaver and tried to rewrite it himself. It is very pretty, I'll give him that much, but it's still not really Flurry.

The second one, here, looks like an almost perfect port of the real Flurry. It's gorgeous. Go get it now.

I would post a screenshot, but seeing a screenshot really doesn't do justice to how beautiful the screensaver is. You have to watch it in action. It gets to a point where it's like watching a fire... it's just... hypnotic and beautiful and it sucks you in.

EDIT: Yay for 200 posts. God I'm a loser. You people better love me! very happy very happy very happy very happy
song: fata - short stories with tragic endings
href: flurry for windows... in case you didn't get it the first time
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201happyI'll be there for you!05.06.2004 ~ 21:58
So yeah... Tonight was the final episode of Friends. And I watched it. I kept holding out that tiny little vein of hope that Rachel would get n3kk1d. But alas, no dice. See, now THAT was the real reason anyone who happened to see me would have noticed the tears streaming down my face. Not because I was emotionally moved or anything. No, of course not. Real boys don't cry. *sniff* Can I have some alone time for a minute?


Ok, thanks, I *hic* needed that. So then I watched Leno, and Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe... duh!) had cut her hair short and dyed it brown. Dear sweet lord. Can I have some alone time for a minute?


Ok... whew... I needed that. Me and the old tube sock... good memories. Yeah. Let's just hold that thought for a second... mmmm, yeah, alright, we're good now.

So in other news, I've got exactly four hours of educational time left before I'm done for the semester. And I'm just barely gonna make it. This semester would have been enough to drive me to drinking, had I not been driven to drinking long before now.

Anyhoo, I'm out for tonight. I need sleep. If I can only survive one more night of this stress, then I'll be fine.

202happyFloof!05.11.2004 ~ 21:56
No update in awhile. Yeah yeah. Pike off. School's over, and I've been out having the time of my life. Err... wait... no, not really. I wish.

You know what's great? Alcohol! Mmm, alcohol! And you know what's even better than that? Nicotine plus alcohol. Yeah, that's all good.

I saw a guy pick up a hooker today. Some chick was standing out on the corner in fishnets and a miniskirt and a belly shirt. And this guy pulled up beside her, and she bent over into his passenger window and started talkin to him. Hehe. It made me laugh.

Then I cried, cuz I shoulda gotten there first! She had a nice ass, too.

Just kidding... I love you Lisi!

Ok, I'm done. You go away now.

EDIT: I just saw that video of that poor American soldier kid getting beheaded by the fucking camel jockey bastards over in Iraq or wherever the hell they are. I am so fucking pissed off right now! Yeah, filming the decapitation of one of our guys is really gonna fix everything. Ya fucknuts. Now we've just got all the more reason to BOMB YOU BACK TO THE FUCKING STONE AGE!!!

Sorry, that was a rather racist comment, wasn't it? Ok, I know that there are a good many innocent, and very nice, people over there. Appy-polly-logies to you. I'm sorry you have to deal with the negative stereotypes that we apply to your religion and race in general because of the small percentage of complete assholes. But all you militant Islamic fuckholes... SUCK MY ASS! I can only hope that I get to write my name on one of the bombs we send over there to fuck your shit up.

Really done now. Everyone go away, before I go off on another political tirade.

song: school's... out... for... ever!
href: free anti-virus. dunno. haven't really tested it yet.
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203happySwatch Bunnysutra05.13.2004 ~ 14:27
I so want this watch!!! very happy

BTW, big huge thunderstorms and tornadoes are goin on down here. I think we're all gonna get smited.
song: it's the end of the world as we know it
href: swatch... tee hee.
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204happyHooray for fire!05.17.2004 ~ 12:36
So yeah. Last night, me and Justin and Cody filled a Super Soaker with cologne and skin-so-soft and other such flamable liquids, and we made ourselves a nice little flamethrower. It was teh r0xx0r! But then the Super Soaker caught on fire, and melted... so now we've gotta get another one. We're planning that for friday night. It will be awesome. Anyone down here who would like to join in the festivities is more than welcome to come over. very happy
song: no use for a name - secret
href: warthog launch... it's fun!
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205happyA good start.05.19.2004 ~ 00:16
Today I started writing a story. I haven't exactly decided where it's going to go, yet, but I've got a general idea. And I figure, I'll post the first few paragraphs here, just for kicks and giggles. If you feel like commenting on it, go for it. I've already written quite a bit more than this, but this is all I really want to post before it's all the way finished. Consider this, like, the trailer or something. Hehe. It's still as of yet untitled, though I have something in mind. The something I have in mind is rather dependent on whether the story does eventually end up the way I'm thinking it will. But of course, the way I tend to think, that's never really a sure thing until it really is finished, so who knows. I'll probably post it all in the forums whenever it's finished. And I may end up posting it in chapters, because it's starting to get fairly lengthy, the whole thing might not fit well in one thread. Anyway, here is the first little bit. Enjoy. happy


The red leather of the couch squeaked underneath him. He was fidgety. He was always fidgety, but it was worse when he had to talk to people. Especially doctors. They always feigned understanding, and pretended like they were listening to you, grunting and nodding in the appropriate places, when instead they were thinking about improving their golf swing, or casting sidelong glances at the clock to see how long they had to keep up the charade.

This was a new doctor, one who wasnít yet familiar with the story. As such, it would have to be explained again. It wasnít like he hadnít already explained it to countless other doctors before; at least by this point he was fairly sure he knew all the highs and lows that needed touched on to get the most important bits across. He also knew the things that were better left unsaid until later sessionsÖ much later sessions.

But even if he hadnít known what to say himself, they would have helped him along. They were good at that. They always seemed to know the right thing to say at the right time, and though they had no voices of their own, they were always more than willing to use his.

And they were the entire reason he was speaking to doctors in the first place. Without them, he would have been completely normal. Or at least as normal as anyone else these days, which, truth be told, wasnít really saying much.
song: rooney - if it were up to me
href: p-p-p-powerbook!!! funny!!!
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